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Looking for Designers

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Hi again all,

I wanted to mention quickly that composition atlasing is working very well; such that tonight I'll be starting on the serious initial set of equipment and animations for Revel, if all goes well that'll be seen in 0.9, which is looking like Monday 7/8 rather than Monday 7/1.

In other news, do any of these statements apply to you?

  • I'm tired of this project that is going nowhere fast.
  • I'm between projects
  • I'm smart enough not to write a fantasy RPG alone
  • I've got a ton of ideas that somebody should totally use in a game
  • I could make an awesome RPG if it wern't for those pesky engine and graphics needs
  • I wan't to learn more about RPG engine systems/internals

    If so how about designing for Revel Immortal?

    If you've been paying attention, and have played the Alpha, you'll know that Revel Immortal is set to be a huge game.

    Huge games need content, a lot of content.

    There are a number of good reasons you might want to help develop Revel Immortal

    1. You wouldn't be writing an entire RPG from scratch
    2. You get notable mention in the credits
    3. Morning's Wrath has a bit of noteriety beyond a totally new IP/Concept
    4. If theres any paid content down the line you want, you'll probably get it gratis
    5. I've been writing games for a long time, so I'm either decent, or stubborn, and either is okay I guess
    6. Revel is huge; which means you get pretty much free verse in what you'd like to write
    7. As long as it sort of keeps with the general Morning's Wrath canon*
    8. The content you write this week, sees the light of day next week
    9. Once we start making a profit, you'll see some of it
    10. Don't ask how much, cause I don't know, and really that's putting the cart before the horse
    11. You get to work with me, and I'm an okay guy; mostly.
    12. Revel is playable today not some magical, hypothetical time in the future - http://edigames.com/revelimmortal

    So in summary, if you're interested in getting your ideas into a fantasy RPG, knowing they'll see the light of day; for low to no pay (cause frankly I can't afford it, not because you're not worth it)

    then feel free to reply here, or contact me via email: Raymond@EDIGames.com

    or preferably gchat: raymondj@gmail.com

    *you are not able to marry "The Hulk" in Revel Immortal

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Have you put this in the Classified section? I think you would get a larger response to this.


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I've used the help wanted forum on gamedev countless times; however; they've changed it such that only non-profit postings (which I do not qualify as) are free; or I would have to pay $7 per post, which isn't much but it is the principle of the thing.


But the bigger issue is I composed an entire classifieds post, submitted it; it came back with 'title is too long' and completely discarded my post; I was livid, that is horrible design and it needs to be fixed.


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I can feel your pain on the lost of work due to a minor unknown issue in an input system. It has me in a caution mode where I either write it all up in a text file or copy and paste it to a text file before submitting anything.

There are a few things that have a poor design to them on the site.

However, it servers as a great base for a small collection of game developers and I can see how even a small fee can push you away from wanting to use it.

I think if you have a journal and are generating material that a dev should get at least 1 free classified post. It may be something that needs to be suggested.


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