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Weekly Update - 6/30/13

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I'm a little bit late, don't tell Mikeyo.

Mikeyo has been super busy, getting some affiliate programs up and running, checking out some conferences and playing with his new Ouya. He didn't have his professional camera available at the time, but he shot the video below showing it off and talking about a game or two that he has checked out:

He also donned his fedora and shot this week's update video, explaining a little bit about what we've been up to (or rather, what he's been up to) and some info on our current project, Seeking Imagination:

I'm excited as he brought up a really good prototype idea during our conference call this week. Basically it will be a free arena type game that includes all of the mechanics of the game (crafting & combat) and some possible extra things (multiplayer & leaderboards.) This will give us a chance to get some feedback on the gameplay itself while we're developing the editors and content for the full game. If it works out well, we may do something similar with future games.

Mikeyo is hard at work writing the main storyline still. Last I knew he was around page 70, leaving 5 more pages to an event and about 30 pages to go. Once he has that done he can go back through and wrap things up and then we can start building out the lore a bit and adding branches to our tree.

I'm working on ramping back up so that I can get some screenshots flowing and then we can get some gameplay videos done. Tomorrow morning I'll be updating all of my tasks in our PM software and then setting a deadline that I can hit (if I don't I think Mikeyo might fire me lol.)

Until next time, enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week!
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