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Strife: Currency, Vendors and Usable Items

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Legends of Strife

  • Implemented currency. Copper, silver and gold can be obtained by looting slain creatures and by selling items to vendors.
  • Implemented vendors. Any town npc can now be made into a vendor with its own selection of items to sell. A npc can customize its offerings based on the player. For example an npc might only offer a certian item to a player once that player has completed a certian quest.
  • Implemented usable and consumable items. Added Minor Health Potion, Minor Mana Potion and Tough Bread as consumable items and a Trinket named Wind Sliver as an usable item (On Use it increases your movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds). Items that are usable and equipable can only be used while equipped. Trying to use it while its in the inventory will instead equip it.
  • Implemented item cooldowns and "shared cooldown groups". Health and Mana Potions have a 2 minute cooldown. Wind Sliver has a 40 seconds cooldown. Visual effect for item cooldowns is the same as for spells.Health and Mana Potions belong to the same "shared cooldown group" meaning that whenever you use a Health or Mana Potion all other Health and Mana potions in your inventory goes on cooldown as well. Should you buy or loot or otherwise obtain another health or mana potion while the health and mana potions in your inventory is on cooldown, the newly acquired potions will have their cooldowns set to match the existing ones.

    All the above mentioned logic is implemented server side to minimize the risk of cheating. Even the cooldown remaining is just a client side display thats controlled by the server and doesn't affect anything.

    Here's a video followed by some screenshots. To play legends of strife download it here http://www.distantmelody.net/data/legends-of-strife/strife.exe. If you allready have an older version you can just run it and it should patch itself.







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The art is lacking but otherwise this is some seriously good progress! Bravo sir, bravo!


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The merchant sell screen looks heavily borrowed from World of Warcraft. This can be a good/bad thing and I would be careful for WoW fanboys flaming this. Still having a prototype is better than not having one.


Aside from that forward progress is always good news.


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