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Thank you for sharing. I was about to do a journal entry discussing the idea of doing a development VBLOG and see what people thought of it. I think it would be great if you posted the viewership of your VBLOG along with alerting us of new posts.

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Sharing is caring :) I think VBLOGS are a great way to show how stuff is done pants down, especially for those interested. What do you mean by viewership, and alerting of new posts? I'm pretty new at this journal making, and being e-social :( Always glad to see your comments! 

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You are using YouTube to host your videos therefore, there is a metrics of how many views your videos get and the audience makeup.

As for alerting of new posts, you can make a new journal entry for each video you create. Also it is a good idea to write out a summary of material covered by the video. This is mostly to allow people to find it if they would be interested in the topic/project.

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