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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Okay, going back to Friday nights after this for Weekend Reading now that I'm actually home all week again.

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 6/30 - 7/7

Stop by and give a welcome to new authors jsnape183, studentTeacher and DareDeveloper!

Project Updates

  • Wilhelm's Journal - Wilhelm van Huyssteen has the latest updates to Strife ready for players to download and checkout including currency, vendors and usable items. Images and a video show off this and more
  • DMD 'Ware - polyfrag has read some material (linked) that's given him an idea for his hidden surface removal algorithm for the editor, which can now also work with textures.
  • RuinValor - Birth of Talos - riuthamus updates on RuinValor with some new images and concept art and discusses progress on shaders, character models and objects like the catapult. Also plans for a press demo.
  • Squared'D's Journal - Squared'D has diverted attention from his text-based game to work also on a new project. He already has a test download out for it.
  • BGBTech: The Status Update - cr88192 brainstorms and braindumps thoughts on creating a fast image format for his engine
  • Orange Chair Software Development - Navyman talks about the next micro-sim project for Portas Aurora that helps design the largest map areas the player can explore
  • Fran Bow, a point & click adventure - bladderbloat announces the indiegogo campaign for Fran Bow, and also has a videoblog update out.
  • Beals Software - Programmer16 has a videoblog update and also talks about an upcoming Facebook contest, Amazon affiliate status, website and shares a game screenshot
  • Pixel ? Tile ? World - Servant of the Lord gives his editor a GUI makeover
  • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ has updates on the progress towards making a self-hosting compiler for his Epoch coding language
  • Miscellaneous Programming Notebook - Bacterius updates on his crypto library work
  • Lotus: Tales of the Lost Ones - Arthur Souza is the latest to take up the challenge of a self-made 48hr game jam, be sure to check his journal for regular updates as this progresses.

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • Leadwerks Developer Blog - Josh Klint is pleased to announce that the Leadwerks engine has been greenlit for Steam, and the Linux kickstarter is doing well
    • Squared'D's Journal - Squared'D talks about the implementation of his post-processing framework
    • achild's Journal - achild has an excellent entry that looks back on the development of his 2D skeletal animation program Basis, and how it was finally sculpted into a usable application and something worthy of an actual release
    • Somewhere in space - AaronWizardstar shares code for "my take on an ostensibly light-yet-flexible core of a GUI system"
    • Nightmaare Shares - Koshmaar has a detailed What Went Right/What Went Wrong postmortem on his first indie commercial game Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs
    • Gunthera's Journal - Gunthera (formerly HabitueGames) has a short PM of his recently-released project Demolition Dan

      Thanks for stopping by, JTippetts

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