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Revel 0.9 release and more content

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'lo all!

Revel Immortal Alpha 0.9 was released on Monday 7/8 you can check it out as usual, at http://edigames.com/revelimmortal

0.9 formally adds character composition to the game, and culls a few systems that wern't really making the grade and have to be redesigned.

Notably enemy spawning, more on that later.

I am shifting focus for a while, probably a few weeks to a month to focus a lot more on Revel content.

Content being: environment/scenery, npc's, quests, dialogue

This was my focus originally some weeks back when I realized it would be very difficult to achieve all that without a flexible system for composing characters. So with that being done I'm unwinding the stack.

As of last night I added a few new NPCs, and a new dress type for human females:


I should mention I am still looking for folks to jump on board with the opourtunity to write for Revel; I could really use one of those 'people with 1000 ideas and no skills' right now biggrin.png
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