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#2, Mingw-w64 + Urho3D, etc...

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And here is #2, baby girl born yesterday AM:


Nearing the end of the critical home improvement projects, and just in time, too... mom and baby are coming home on Sunday.

I mentioned in my last entry that I had been having issues with building GC due to some updates to Urho3D. AgentC patched in a compiler check into the build to look for a particular case, but given that I hate the knowledge that a library build is gimped in any way (even if it's flagging out a feature I would probably never, ever use: joystick support) I wiped my old Mingw installation and installed a new Win32 toolchain of the Mingw-w64 project. I need Win32 due to the work computers being cruddy 32-bit XP boxes, and at work is where I do a lot of my tinkering.

The inclusion of SDL 2.0 into Urho3D kind of broke some things, though. Even though with Mingw-w64 I don't need the patched-in check noted above anymore, I ran into some compiler errors involving SSE and the Mingw-w64 intrin.h header. Urho3D specifies -msse compile-time option, but I found (after much effort chasing dead ends) that I had to change it to -msse2 or I would get compile errors due to certain things not being defined. During the process of sorting it out I discovered I have no effing desire, whatsoever, to ever dig into this SSE crap again. If I never open up intrin.h or dvec.h again, I'll be happy. So... yeah. After that and a few other fixes, I managed to get it to build.... on the work computers, at least. While I am at home right now, I haven't actually done any at-home coding in weeks. Too busy. I only just now paused the installation of the bathroom flooring to grab a burrito and a Dew and troll the net making stupid comments for a few minutes before getting back to work.

The end is in sight, though. Soon I'll be able to focus my efforts on a somewhat slower-paced list of outdoor and yard tasks, rather than these urgently critical indoor tasks. At that point, I'll maybe be able to spare an hour or two in the evening to get some more GC work done, as well as some work on other projects.
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Thank GOD she is healthy!


Keep at it, GC looks fun!!! be a shame not to finish it! :(


I would just pick a API and run with it, I do this also keep jumping around and it causes me to slow down and waste to much of my precious time getting my games done...


Catch you around!

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