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Project B - 2013-07-17 Update

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Project B - 2013-07-17 Update

Progress has been going well though a bit slower than I had expected. I'm still behind after spending more than a week working on this problem. (direct-x-11-problems-on-windows-8-laptop). I've gotten a lot of work done. You can take a look at the current state of things.


I've been building a model tool that will be used in my content pipeline. After I get real models into it, I'll post a video blog. Right now it allows me to configure shaders and textures. Here are a couple of screenshots. For me a skin is defined as a texture/shader combination to be used with a model.



Thanks for reading.
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Jealous, we need one of these for our project! how long did it take you to make it this far?

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I've been getting things done fairly quickly this time because I've built all of these things before, but in MFC. As I switch my engine to it's more multi-platform framework, I've decide to make all of the tools using my new GUI system. Using the GUI consistently will help it mature faster. Also, writing tools like help me test code without worrying about other game code. I've been upgrading my engine and remaking the GUI for about 2 or 3 months now.

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