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Weekly Update - 7/19/13

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Weekly Update Video

Project Updates


Seeking Imagination

The local multiplayer system is fully in place and cemented in now - up to four players are supported via gamepads and the UI is set up properly to handle it. The previous version had lots and lots of code that updated the UI, but I've now switched that around so that the UI polls the data based on which player it represents...much more effective.

I was also able to get the content loading classes implemented, so we can now start developing maps as well as fleshing out entities and items. This wasn't all that hard, seeing as how I'm using MonoGame, the hardest part being loading the entities since we're using a component-based entity system (though, that really wasn't that hard either.)

Mikeyo is currently about halfway through the second draft of the script and luckily he has only run into one major continuity issue; which he resolved. I just finished reading the script on Wednesday and I was super excited and almost to the point of crying come the end.

In the video Mikeyo touches on the fact that we've changed the crafting system. Originally we were going to use a simple system that revolved around gathering colored orbs that would be used to either craft the item or unlock it. However, we weren't really happy with it as it started out as a different idea and we kind of molded it into the crafting system. So now we are exchanging the orbs for two different categories of items: components (wood, cloth, ore,etc) and magic essences (fire, water, earth and air) which you can then use to craft equipment and enchant them. The components will drop from most of your standard creatures - a peasant would drop cloth, a knight would drop iron (and possibly cloth) or an ogre might drop wood (his club). On the other hand, magical essences will mostly drop from elemental creatures - a fire elemental will drop fire essences, an ice elemental will drop ice essences, etc. I'm going to be focusing on getting that system in place, so hopefully I can show it off in a video next weekend.

Speaking of video - I had started making a video to show off the current state of the prototype (which really isn't much), but it broke...several times. The things I've been testing all week are now not working, so I don't have enough time to fix those and edit the video (which I'm still learning how to do lol.) I'll have one done for next week though.

I was able to edit my streams together to make a "decent" video so you can see me make a fool of myself.

There's a breakdown in the video's description of what went wrong.


The Lost Chapters

I've spent my time working on Seeking Imagination, so I haven't had the chance to do anything with the Lost Chapters yet. I'll be starting the ground work for that shortly.


Project Game Show

We've discussed a new project that we will be starting in the future which Mikeyo touched on in the video so I thought I would mention it here. I just wanted to clarify - we're not starting a gameshow, it's a game based around a "gameshow" - an alien gameshow. It will be a two-player competitive co-op (local or networked) arcade game for PC and OUYA, maybe mobile. We'll have more info on this later though.

That's all for this week, tune in next week for some in-game video. Thanks for stopping by!
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