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Brazuca, second release

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Heya guys, if you downloaded the small game I made on a 48h "marathon", I'm releasing a second version now. It has a little more stuff to it, it's still really small. I would really love to hear what you have to say about this current pet project.

You can download the current version here: http://www.mediafire.com/?fnej1nq4f3ub777
(Requires XNA and .net framework 4.0)


Open GL + .net version coming tomorrow if anyone cares about that, since there were more downloads of the opengl version.

Any game breaking bugs or weird stuff, suggestions, anything, just drop a message and I'll work on it asap.
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- When the game prompts you to enter your name if you delete it all and try to write a new one it crashes.

- When I started the game, I went to "Standings" and all the club names were overlapped and kept flashing.

- Some shots go through the goal and then the game says "ball lost". It seemed to happen on the left side of the goal (from the player's POV). Faulty collision detection?



- Unless I missed it, there is no way on the first game for you to know the colors of your club.

- On the game simulation, sometimes you add two lines of text at once, and with the same color of the previous ones. I think it would help a lot if you added one at a time with a different color, because otherwise it's hard to tell at once what changed.

- I don't know if it was just what the dice rolled but my team won every game even if I didn't play well. smile.png I think it would be great if the team depended more on your player.

- In some shots at close range the keeper seemed really fast and in other simingly easier ones he didn't even move... I think it would be better if at first, when your player is weaker, to limit the maximum ball speed...

- I think the "passes/lost balls" stat at the end of the game is confusing, it seems like it always "overcounts"... Is it counting assists where the other player didn't score as lost balls? Or is it events where the player didn't take part?


Overall I liked it, it's great for a game made in such a short time.

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Sometimes one comment can be better than a dozen. Thanks for the great information, I had noticed some things, like the confusing collision detection with the goal bounds, and the dificulty issues, others I had no idea.

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Could you give me some more information about the name enter crash? Because I've tried it several different ways and it did not crash, trying to find out exactly what I have missed. I also could not reproduce the standings bug, I'll keep trying different things here, to see if I can find it.

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I'm running Windows 7 x64.


About the first bug, I just started a new game and there was "Brazuca" written on the text box. Upon removing it (with backspace) it crashed. I'm using an european Portuguese keyboard, don't know if it's related to localization.


Since you're using XNA, if memory serves you can put a try/catch around the game.run() and print the exception on a message box. Then I can run the program with this and show you the exception that crashes the game.


The standings bug happened when I checked it upon creating a new game but before playing any match. However, the problem persisted even after I played several matches. Try running the game on a different directory, maybe it's due to some missing data. If it helps I can post a screenshot of the corrupted leaderboard.

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That would be great, I will keep trying to find out the bug, and I'll also upload a modified executable with a crash log so those problems become easier to identify

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A pair of interesting things happened:


- Upon loading my savegame, the standings table looked normal.

- I started a new game and the bug reappeared. When I take a screenshot I can't catch the flickering, but the bug must be due to no games having been played yet.

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I see, thanks for the info, I will try to work those things out, test on different machines and try to reproduce it.

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