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Cabinets and shrubbery for Of Stranger Flames

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Servant of the Lord


Here's some art I made today and yesterday for my RPG game project.
([size=2]Note: This art is not public domain - I intend to use it for my own game projects - though I'd love to release some of it in the future)

Since Of Stranger Flames takes place in a heavily-forested land, I need alot of shrubbery to make the environment more detailed and 'natural'.
Previously I posted pictures of some trees I was working on. Yesterday and today I made some shrubbery:

Working on art - not a screenshot.png

[size=2]Note 1: This is not a screenshot from within the game, this is merely a test image layered in an art program.
[size=2]Note 2: I added way too many shrubs in the picture.
[size=2]Note 3: Every shrub there is a different shrub, they aren't copies of each other.
[size=2]Note 4: I added way too many notes under this not-a-screenshot image.

Since the game also takes place in urban environments - namely: small villages, prosperous towns, and prosperouslier cities - then I need the inside of the buildings to also look good.
These images are some cabinets I just finished:

Drawers 1.png
Drawers 2.png
Trunk 1.pngTrunk 2.png

Here's the concept art I sketched several months ago, which I based these cabinets on:
Furniture and walls and stuff.jpg

I drew it while re-re-watching Pride and Prejudice (the good one - the 2005 movie). happy.png
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