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One Sense At A Time

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Basically, whenever you enter a mirror, the world is reflected, but your motion continues." (


I don't know why, but this sparked the following idea:

How about a game where you can only use one sense at a time? So you can see see but not hear or feel, you can hear but everything is pitch black or you can feel the rumble of the controller but nothing else.

Smell og taste would probably be too grose to incorporate :-)

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Interesting idea.  It probably wouldn't have mainstream appeal, but if done correctly I could see this sort of thing attracting a niche audience.  You'd also have to ensure that all included senses are actually useful, and probably exclude any senses (such as taste) where you can't make them useful.  


I don't think taste would necessarily be too gross, but it would be difficult to output in a sensible way and probably hard to find genuine non-contrived uses for -- you'd have to rely on auditory or visual descriptions of the taste rather than being able to use the actual sense, which would come much more naturally.  The same would of course also apply to smell, although it could at least potentially be much more useful if you did output it visually or aurally.



I'd love to try a small proof-of-concept demo if it's something you feel like you're able to develop!

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Interesting to think of how you could "fake" smell and taste. Or invent a 6th sense. But, yeah, I'd go for creating a poc with only see, hear and feel.


I'll let you know if it turns into something playable at some point.


And thanks for the thoughts!

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