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Settling into a new routine around here, one that involves significantly less sleep and significantly more baby poop. But equilibrium has more or less been achieved.

The instability introduced into my build chain by the recent changes in the Urho3D repo have settled out, and I've got it building flawlessly once more. The commit logs show that those guys are churning away at some pretty cool features. It's always good to see that kind of activity in a favored project, especially one that underpins most of my recent work. They've got it building on the Raspberry Pi now, which is cool IMO. The Lua binding is maturing as well, which is awesome.

At home, the big thing lately has been yard work. The house is at a sort of stopping point; not finished, not by any stretch, but at least finished enough that I can take care of some things outside. The weeds, for one. The previous owner had a strip alongside the garage where he parked his various redneck toys: jeeps, campers, motorcycles, etc... I have a minimum of such toys at the moment, having sold-off or otherwise disposed of most of my various redneckery long before I moved to Arizona years ago, so I have no need for a weed-strewn gravel patch. So grass it'll be. The rest of it is a fairly mature yard, a little over half an acre with mature cottonwoods, two or three producing apple trees, some berries (grape and something they call sandhill cherry, which I'm not botanist enough to identify) a row of mature lilacs and a large "back forty" of grass (and morning glory, thistle, clover and cockleburr thrown in for good measure). With a little TLC, I think I can rehab that back part, and after I plant the weed patch with some grass and try to squeeze out the weeds, I'd like to work a bit on the boundaries: a few more trees (maybe some sumac since I like their looks, even if the seedlings are a mess) maybe a few more lilacs, a bit of fence in the front yard. Relaxing stuff, no urgency whatsoever.

On the development front, I've got GC back to a fully building state after the shakeup, and I've been sort of slowly adding components. Nothing drastic at all, since it's hard to find the time to do intense coding sessions. I've also begun to shake things up with the Accidental Noise Library; some experiments with splitting it up into sub-libraries, excising a lot of old dead code, cleaning things up and fixing the various examples that I have intended to provide for so long. I've got a git repo up at Google Code (I'm not going to link it, you can probably find it easily enough, but I don't want to link until it's a bit more clean/usable.) I've switched over to CMake to build it (borrowing heavily from the Urho3D build, since I really don't know CMake that well) but I still need to work the wrinkles out of the whole process. Still, it gives me something to do during the infrequent down-time at work.

I haven't played a game in months, at least no more than a few minutes stolen here and there playing Torchlight 2. Just too many other things pulling me in too many other directions right now. I doubt I'll ever be able to play like I once did; those days are gone, I'm afraid. But maybe once I get the yard done, the house painted externally, the concrete walk and back steps torn up and re-poured, the unkempt flowerbeds tilled and reboxed, the trees trimmed, and a whole slew of other things; maybe then, I'll be able to play some more.
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