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The map editor

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Hello GameDev,

today I was gonna write about the gameplay we were planning to have, but being on vacation with some/no internet connection I was unable to contact my friends about that matter. Instead I will showcase (kind of) the map editor with screenshots (yay for internet cafe). So here we go:


This is the map editor.Tthe top box is for inputting the name of the map (for saving and loading purposes). The two 20 boxes are the wanted dimensions. The set button clears the map with the currently selected type of terrain and commits the dimension change. Everything else is for choosing the terrain and switching between terrain and units.


This next screenshot shows the map editor in action (as much a picture can show). We will be probably changing the water texture, but for now it works to show the principle.


The last screenshot shows the map with units (or unit, the texture is from an asteroid game we did a few months back). When editing units you get an additional button X for deleting units.

This map editor should provide a nice and fast way for editing maps. Just a note: all the terrain and unit types are stored in files which we can easily edit to add more.

That's all for today, I won't make any predictions for the next entry because this seems to often backfire more than it's worth it.

Hope it was interesting :)
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Nice work =) What kind of alpha method are you using for the transparency? I can see a slight purple outline around the sprite which I guess shouldn't be present. Keep it up!

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Thank you ^_^
We are using png pictures, so we directly use the alpha channel of the picture. The purple outline is actually the remainder of how my friend wanted all the ships to glow in space (it looks nice with a dark background). This time we probably won't have things glowing ;)  (and I should probably change the green color to something else, but it is kinda relaxing, probably needs to be softer)

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