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Three-point Lighting

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This time, we are going to take the scene that we used for the

[/font]Shapes Demo[font=Arial]

, and apply a three-point lighting shader. We'll replace the central sphere from the scene with the skull model that we loaded from a file in the

[/font]Skull Demo[font=Arial]

, to make the scene a little more interesting. We will also do some work encapsulating our shader in a C# class, as we will be using this shader effect as a basis that we will extend when we look at texturing, blending and other effects. As always, the full code for this example can be found at my Github repository


; the project for this example can be found in the DX11 solution under Examples/LitSkull.



Left to Right: Rendering the scene with 1 key light, rendering the scene with key and fill lights, rendering the scene with key, fill and back lights

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Where, exactly?  I'm not seeing any undisposed SlimDX objects, and Util.GetArray is freeing up the temporary pointer it allocates on the heap.

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