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Working towards 0.10

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Greetings All,

Its been a while since my last update.

Revel Immortal v0.10 should be released this coming Monday.

  • I've been working a lot on new character outfits/equipment.
  • The new intro (the previous intro was removed early in the alpha as it wasn't quite what I wanted).
  • NPC Conversation system, better authoring and better user interface.
  • More areas in Castle Iridine
  • More NPCs
  • Creation of a yet undisclosed area in the world map.

    If all goes well this weekend you should see some appreciable changes in Revel.

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Oh, excellent!  I'll have to make some time to give it a try -- I signed up a while back, but got distracted by a baby requiring a rather urgent nappy change and just haven't managed to get back and actually have a look yet!


Sounds like you're making some excellent progress!

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