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Fran Bow Vblog #3! A short film about poor indies and a red puppet, Mr. Red!

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We made yet another videoblog! It shows how we work together on Fran Bow, the point and click adventure, and we visit an abandoned mental institution! We plan on going back there after speaking with officials to get access inside for our full documentary about the game, so we can go even deeper into the madness...

Also, we wanted to show how much we love the support we have had from people making fan art and the amazing youtubers that have proved to be the biggest source of exposure of the game! <3

We also help Mr Red, the puppet, to get his twitch going on so he can start making Lets plays on indie games!

Here is Mr Reds first Lets play! FRAN BOW! smile.png

And here is our short film about our situation right now, the poor indie...

And lastly but most important! Our indiegogo campaign! Where you find the demo for our game and lots more!
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