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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 8/2 - 8/9

Stop by and check out new Journal Land authors Stormynature and Mitchell314!

Project Updates

  • Miscellaneous Programming Notebook - Bacterius details the range of platforms and architectures that are now supported by his crypto library
  • Arhim's Journal - Arhim has a video of his project's dialogue text in action, as characters talk to each other. Also a look at the dialogue script format
  • Viadukt Dev-Journal - Prot has a video showing off a prototype that tests out the sniping ability in Purgatory
  • DMD 'Ware - polyfrag shows off some nice terrain generation for States and Corporations, decides to focus on an economics engine and has open-sourced his project as well
  • Squared'D's Journal - Squared'D hasn't talked much about his project and discusses why - does giving too much information help others steal/clone your idea? He thinks it's better to talk openly, his partner disagrees
  • Designing: The Game and Its Content - sunandshadow talks about her new game concept WildWright, an MMO that puts the player in the environment of an interactive novel
  • Fran Bow, a point & click adventure - bladderbloat and team have been busy, with some new game footage and a new video blog - plus a short film!
  • Beals Software - Programmer16 shares a video blog update, information on their Facebook contest, information on a new indie spotlight they are doing to showcase other games, new screenshots and game information
  • Evolution - studentTeacher explains why he has dropped C++/SDL in favor of Java/LWJGL
  • Radioactive-Software - dgreen02 is back with his usual awesome screenshots, showcasing his new project Killing Horizon and also announcing the re-launch of his website

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • Le Journal de Yahiko - yahiko00 has begun to translate another article into French, this one by Tadhg Kelly entitled "Formalists and Zinesters: Why Formalism Is Not The Enemy"
    • Richards Software Ramblings - ericrrichards22 has been learning out of Frank Luna's "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 11.0" book and creating similar lessons for others to follow
    • /* Why you crying? */ - JTippetts has pushed his Accidental Noise Library (for fractal noise) onto Google Code
    • Norman Barrows' Journal - Norman Barrows has collected several links to resources about caches, memory, and cache optimization
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I'm new again?   YAY!!!!! Well it is a new journal I guess, my other one has been on hold whilst a team member recovers health.

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