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Weekly Update #10

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Welcome back for another Weekly Update!

I'm trying to clean up the previous weekly update entries. It appears that every time I edit a post it messes up the formatting and removes the embedded YouTube videos. I will be posting a "Youtube Video Link" below the embedded video in case it gets removed.

Seeking Imagination Battle Arena

Youtube Video Link
In this installment of our devlog you can see the UI updates that I've made (font changes and the new message popup texturing) and the beginning of ranged combat. There was supposed to be more, but as always implementation issues and life got in the way.

How to get out?

Matt is working diligently on 'How to get out?' We will have some screenshots shortly...just as soon as I get the artwork to him. Moving forward Matt will be writing this section, so they should be more entertaining and have more content in them.

Facebook Contest

Our Facebook contest is still going on over at http://www.facebook.com/bealssoftware. Stop by and like us to be entered in the first. If you don't win, you'll continue to be entered in the future drawings. See our previous post for the rules.

Indie Spotlight

We are working on gathering some games to put in our weekly Indie Spotlight. Mikeyo gives more details in the video below, or you can see our previous post.

Youtube Video Link

Thank you very much for stopping by! Tune in next week for some more videos and screenshots!
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