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[Week Of Awesome] Day 2-7.

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I meant to do these daily, but as the start of the week went, i found myself too tired to get any work done, and then the last 3 days have been a rollercoaster of balancing working on the game, and doing some things i had to do with people.

anywho, let's do the recap!

Day 2:
Day 2 was another long work day(i was only working 4 days this week, so each day i didn't get home till well after 5pm.) this day i actually got something done! I really wanted to at least get something moving along the screen, but sleep was calling my name, so i settled on just getting the background tiles being drawn:


Day 3/4:
Very little got done, i was exhausted from work both days, while i was out for the weekend on Thursday i really wanted to work through the night, i decided to instead get sleep, and get up early to begin serious work on the game.

Day 5:
This day i got some serious work done, i got my main character thrown together, and worked mostly on developing the framework for loading each scene, transitioning between scenes, and getting the player drawn/moving. it was quite a bit of work to get the transition effect to look smooth. Unfortuantly i didn't get the entire day to work on the game, as i had to head to my parents for a few hours.

Day 6:
This day, i focused on getting the enemy together, i also refactored my player control and created a base class called controller, this could be derived into not only the player control logic, but also can be derived into enemy units. this is where i make the distinction between what objects are in the game, and what controls those objects. it gives me alot of control over individual units, while i don't have to change anything to other classes if i want to add something like a new enemy, it'd even be possible to create different puzzles by deriving new classes from the controller, so each scene can have a variety of objects/things in them. this was a rather productive day, and i got most of the mechanics done(such as attacking/taking damage).

Day 7:
Today(well yesterday now), i finished up the game cycle, so now you could die, and keep going, this also gave me a main menu to play with(unfortunately it only serves as a gateway to play the game right now). I also spent the majority of the day designing the levels, if i had one more day, i'd have whipped up a simple level editor, but i wanted to atleast have something done, so i managed to create 10 rooms in the world, i really wanted to get at least one puzzle in, and maybe a dungeon. However i had other obligations today(picking up a new couch for my apartment), which ate away several hours. in the end, i settled on what i had.

Overall, this was fun, just wish i had more time to participate(it was really probably the worst week of august for me to actually do anything). I do believe i'm going to continue this game, but i plan to re-skin it into something else.


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