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lets start this over, again

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Well, bunch of things happened that didn't allow me to continue on my game. I think it is over now, I have I nice stable job flipping burgers now, so I can now use my spare time to continue my game. and other stuff happened that prevented me from using what I already had, being that XNA has been abandoned. none of M$ new platforms uses XNA, WP8 does use it as legacy, but it isn't encouraged to use it. So, now what? Game Maker Studio. I originally started using Game Maker, and switched to XNA when I decided to make it 3d. but now, I am switching back to Game Maker and 2d isometric. Crystal Destiny will still be in 3d, using Unity, but for game maker, I decided to make a smaller game, still in the same world as crystal destiny, but smaller. Chronicle Destiny is the new game I am working on. it will include mechanics from Crystal Destiny, but tailored for 2d. Chronicle Destiny is just a series of short stories, each taking place in a small region, like a town, farm, city streets, fortress. each story will be with a different character, unrelated to each other, an the stories wont take more than an hour to play thru, may be even 30 min. Game Maker can publish to Win8, WP8, Windows, and HTML which I will use, similar to what XNA offered. Hopefully it will also support Xbox One down the road, but I am good for now. here is a link to the first alpha. http://www.bluestar03.com/alpha/chronicle-destiny/001.cshtml I am aiming for a Zelda-esq style of gameplay. eventually I'll add isometric graphics, but ill work the gameplay like this first. while I think it is a bit to early in development to see the direction it is going, feel free to give suggestions. and that's about it. I am really exited on using Game Maker again. I had done a Zelda engine before ( was trying to make Ocarina of time, Gameboy Style. had done the Kokiri forest and Deku Tree when I stopped a long time ago). will be posting the HTML 5 version on my site every week, I hope.
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It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up again. Good luck moving forward.

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