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Explaining the different way

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Norman Barrows


Explaining the different way

I've been thinking about how to best explain this different way.

An example tutorial series where you could download and compile code would require a C++ compiler and directx.

it would also require low level helper libraries. and an example application. and a place to host the files.

i have an example application in mind that would work quite well for exploring many concepts such as movement and collision detection, AI, etc.

As a bonus, it would be fun to play as well (i used to sell a game like it).

however, that has 2 downsides to it:

1. all the files required to compile

2. its not language, library, OS, and platform independent.

for this reason, i think it might be better to use pseudo code, so the reader can implement with the language, libraries, OS, and platform of their choice.

while many of the concepts in this "different way", especially as related to coding discipline result in non-OO'ish code, i will make an attempt to give OO'ish examples where possible. After all, in the end its all just code and data.

And who knows , i might just break bad with some code before its all over.
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