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Current Activity: Tutorial

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Well, a couple hours after the last post's hiccup I was able to fix the bugs and started the Tutorial activity effectively.

I still didnt have a clear idea on how the Tutorial would work, so the task consisted in planning/drawing the solution, and then coding it. Initially I had planned something more hardcoded, but ended up taking a more customizable route. In general lines this is how it was planned:

  • There will be 2 tutorial cities, the first explains the basics of the screen, movement, etc. The second explains a bit more of the game concept (buy tapes, get ad contracts, etc). This was how I had planned the tutorial originally, so nothing new here.
  • Graphically the tutorial will be consisted of 2 panels, one always visible that shows the list of steps of that tutorial, so the player knows where he is, and how long will it take to finish. The other contains the details of the step, so it only opens when the step begins, or when the player clicks on the first panel.
  • Internally the tutorial is a list of steps, which contains some data such as the step instructions ("Now you have to go to your office so you can do something...") and the trigger to complete it (Trigger = enter the Office room).
  • All the steps are loaded dynamically, allowing easier customization.

    I finished the mechanics for the tutorial, tomorrow I will focus on the graphics programming (both panels described), and then I will think a bit better about the tutorial "story" and populate the steps accordingly.

    Oh, as a side note, I also bough a SFX/Music pack today and added the songs to the game. I was using some free songs but that had 2 problems: I had to credit a lot of people (due to each song being done by different people), and some songs I didnt like very well. Now Im with much better songs and only 1 person to credit (which is optional, since I bought it, but I plan to credit him). I kept 1 song of the original free selection which was a very good match which the News Room, so I will probably only keep this single free song.

    For firstcomers: I'm making an Android game that is a TV manager (or "tycoon") game, inspired on the classic Mad TV. I plan to release it in about 25 days.

    Here is a link for more info on it (video and screenshot): https://www.gamedev.net/page/indie/project.html/_/simulation/big-boss-tv-r11
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