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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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This is me doing something other than Grand Theft Auto V. Or ArmA III (but mostly GTA5 - I got ArmA III set up but still reading through the amazing 350-page tactical guide that came with the special edition). If you're also into those games, I'm looking for crew members and squad mates, respectively.

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 9/13 - 9/20

Project Updates

  • DMD 'Ware - polyfrag is switching his project to a persistent online turn-based strategy game with in-app purchases
  • Making a Terrain Generator - TheChubu discusses features and improvements to his terrain editor GUI program
  • TOT to Unity3D - TokyoDan has a new build available to try of The Octagon Theory that features more functional AI
  • Undead Castle Dev Journal - afliii talks about team restructuring as the trials and tribulations of indie development (including remote team mates) rears its ugly yet common head
  • Beals Software - Programmer16 has two video updates, a new indie spotlight, reminder on the ongoing Facebook contest and updated information on Seeking Imagination Battle Arena
  • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ has some brief ramblings on the self-hosting process of his Epoch language, along with some fun stats
  • My attempt at making a platformer - AFS has an update and new video of his C++/SFML project, now with projectiles and inventory
  • Journal of mikeman - mikeman stops by to let us know Hyperdrive is still a work in progress that will be "done when it's done" and drops two new track videos and wonderings about the game's future with the Ouya platform
  • Squared'D's Journal - Squared'D has an update to Project B and also a video showcasing the start of features for a motion comic ability in the engine
  • Big Boss TV - Rottz has finished up the tutorial segment for his Android project Big Boss TV, and has some new screens of it in action. He's also looking for help with AI issues on the forums
  • Gamieon's Journal - Gamieon has a new video of gameplay for his Domino Arena party game project
  • Better Than Accounting - BensBucketGames has v0.6 of Training for Aliens out, with some additions and fixes
  • Radioactive-Software - dgreen02's latest development update for Killing Horizon has its usual share of pretty pictures and lots of information on what's ticking behind the scenes in his engine

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • Richards Software Ramblings - ericrrichards22 covers several more topics from the book Frank Luna's Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct3D 11.0 including bump/displacement mapping and tessellation stages
    • Le Journal de Yahiko - yahiko00 has the second installment of his tutorial on developing web games (in French)
    • Gamedev info - Norman Barrows shares several links to information about the CPU instruction cache
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