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Weekly Update #13

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Hello everyone and welcome back for another weekly update!

Mikeyo kick starts our week with another group of crowdsourcing projects.

YouTube Link

Indie Spotlight #3 - Shadow of Arawyn

The Indie Spotlight for this week is a great action adventure game, Shadow of Arawyn by DC3S. They are currently running an indiegogo project that you should go check!

YouTube Link

Seeking Imagination Battle Arena

This week saw the implementation for a bit of the AI sub system.; mainly line of sight (a poor, initial implementation) and some reaction mechanics. I'll have some more information on those once I've improved them and fleshed them out more. For now, here's a screenshot:
SeekingImagination 2013-09-22 16-06-36-54.png

More importantly, this last week saw the implementation of the date/time and day/night cycle. Our date/time system supports minutes, hours, days, months and years; all of which are based off of ticks (just like the normal date/time system.) We can specify exactly how many ticks make up each components, which allows us to control what a date calculates to.

The day/night system allows us to specify how many in-game minutes a real-time second equals (basically, each real-time second X amount of minutes are added to the game time.) It also allows us to specify a palette that will be used for the "lighting"; we can supply any size palette and it lerps between two values depending on the time.

With the two systems, we could theoretically start a game at 01/01/01 0:00 and could run it through the end, one second at a time. Here's a video showing the current setup:

We start off at 1 RT second = 1 IG minute, then 15 IG minutes, then 30 and finally 60.

That's all for this week; we'll be back with more next week.

In the meantime, don't forget to like our Facebook page to be entered into our contest and if you have a game you'd like us to spotlight, contact us in any one of the ways below:

  • facebook.com
  • These forums
  • @BealsSoftware on Twitter
  • [email="indiespotlight@bealssoftware.com?subject=Indie%20Spotlight%20Entry&body=I%20have%20a%20game%20that%20I'd%20like%20you%20to%20spotlight."]indiespotlight@bealssoftware.com[/email]
  • @MikeyoTheDJ on Twitter
  • [email="mikeyo@bealssoftware.com?subject=Indie%20Spotlight%20Entry&body=Hi%20Mikeyo%2C%0AI%20have%20a%20game%20that%20I'd%20like%20you%20to%20spotlight."]mikeyo@bealssoftware.com[/email]
  • @Programmer16 on Twitter
  • [email="dbeals@bealssoftware.com?subject=Indie%20Spotlight%20Segment&body=Hi%20Donny%2C%0AI%20have%20a%20game%20that%20I'd%20like%20you%20to%20spotlight."]dbeals@bealssoftware.com[/email]

    Take care!
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