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Weekly Update # 14

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Hi everyone and welcome back for another Weekly Update!

As normal, Mikeyo kick starts our week:

YouTube Link

He also wraps up last week in our Weekly Update:

YouTube Link

Let's Play Indie Games / Indie Spotlight

We're expanding our Indie Spotlight segment to help promote more indie games. We will be playing one game a day, Monday through Friday and then we'll do the regular spotlight from those games on Saturday. I am still working on the website, so for now we have a temporary page up on our main site; you can check it out at www.letsplayindiegames.com. For more information, check out my news post.

Today's Let's Play Indie Games is the awesome Blood Alloy!

YouTube Link

This week's Indie Spotlight is RedNeck Assassin, you can check it out on it's project page.

If you have any games that you'd like some extra marketing for, please let us know! Just remember, we're sticking to games that have playable versions and we're going to be making a video of it.

Battle Arena

This week saw a great milestone - the feature used in both Battle Arena and Seeking Imagination are done, so Battle Arena has been separated into it's own branch.

Just to cover what the game is - Battle Arena is a 2D, skirmish-based multiplayer game. It will support 8-person local and network-based multiplayer. It's going to include all of the features from Seeking Imagination, but molded for the multiplayer experience.

So, obviously one of the biggest focus points is going to be game types - deathmatch, capture the flag, etc. This was my first task to tackle and it seems to be working pretty well; I have a lot more testing to do, but I'm happy with it. We have 7 game types planned so far and probably more to come.

This coming week will be focusing on developing the team system and getting the rest of the network core done.

Seeking Imagination

Seeking Imagination's development will be slowing down a bit now until Battle Arena is finished. I finished implementing the basic AI functionality and that covers the major features needed for that, so once we come back to it we should just need to get content and artwork done.

Here is some concept art that was quickly sketched out last weekend:

And here's a teaser screenshot for a future project:

That's all for now, have a great week!
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