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Mockup room, for motivation

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Servant of the Lord


I've been intermittently busy with real life the past two months or so, but that's wrapped up now.
Slightly discouraged by the lack of progress on Of Stranger Flames.

Today I slapped together, in MS Paint, a mockup up something close to the art style I'm trying to go for with this game using existing art I have made in the past. There's some minor differences in the art styles (and object sizes) of the different pieces that need to become more consistent when I get around to making the game world, but this at least gives me some comfort seeing something visual.

I really really need to get the world editor finished. dry.png
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Definitely! =)

Also, light cast from the window onto the floor would be nice (manually placed), and a bit darker front-facing wall.

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I loved the way the light looked from the window inside a house on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past SNES/GBA. I tried to find a reference picture but couldn't.

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I googled for Link to the Past screenshots, but couldn't come up with anything either.


I did find this (an indie game inspired by Link to the Past), which looks fairly impressive:


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