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I love ATI, but ATI doesn't love me

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Shane C


There was something on my mind, and that is whether my next system should have ATI or NVIDIA graphics.

By the way, I am a technophile. The college I'm attending even has the word "technology" in its name.

Okay so I consider ATI's picture quality better than NVIDIA's, although it's close. I compared the two in the HD 48xx days. I have ran two NVIDIA cards with at least 20% overclocks and for years. However I once overclocked an ATI card, a HD 4870, by a small amount and it artifacted when playing intensive games even after I backed down, and a year later broke. I firmly believe that I fryed my card. The other thing is that the ATI cards I have tried have caused electronic interference with my onboard sound that I can hear through speakers or headphones. I have had one NVIDIA card, my GTX 570, do the same, but not nearly as bad.
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I compared the two in the HD 48xx days.

If you're trying to decide between the two you should probably get a hold of -- or at least access to -- some new cards and do a new comparison rather than assuming that things will still be the same as they were in an older trial.


I've never over-clocked a graphics card, and also never had trouble playing games with good quality and never had a card "fried" or interfere with other components.  Perhaps you could consider choosing a card based on it's ability to run the games you want to run at desired quality/performance levels without over-clocking rather than based upon it's ability to operate whilst over-clocked.

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I have an ATI and while it has its quirks, I have been extremely happy with it since the first day I got it. I am not a hardcore overclocker: I enjoy minor overclocks because they are low-maintenance and hence cost me nothing (for instance I overclocked my i5 from 3.3 GHz to 3.7 GHz and my GPU from 800/1250 MHz to 840/1325 MHz) but I very much prefer to stay within the specifications. I also cannot afford replacing components all the time and hate going through RMA's, especially multiple in a row, so I take immense care of the hardware I do have. I am probably not a technophile in the same sense you are tongue.png


I have never had any interference problem with my graphics card though. I agree with jbadams too, if you find that ATI cards respond worse to overclocking than NVIDIA cards and overclocking is a must for you (for whatever reason) then use an NVIDIA card, there is no sense in punishing yourself just to prove some point, but don't go on preconceptions either, hardware evolves quite quickly and your HD 4870 could easily be considered obsolete by some standards.

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