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I have started and abandons/restarted so many games/engines. Every since third grade, multitude of languages (QBasic, Visual Basic, C++, Java). I think in 20 years, I have completed 3 games (Tic Tac Toe, Dodger (a simple space craft moving right faster, astroids), and a simple 2d fighter). For the last 9 years I have restarted the same 3d engine with custom 2d GUI in opengl. Dont get me wrong, every time I restarted, I got farther and caught back up to my previous point with better code. It is really sad to realize how much time has gone by without finishing anything though.

So I am going to create a 2d game, but use skeletal animations. I want it a version on Android and PC.

So good luck to me.
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