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Videolog #6 - Give us the Greenlight to Go!

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It's been a while since we made one of these and it's mostly because after the indiegogo campaign we dove right in to working like maniacs and using the time gained to visit places we always wanted to get inspiration! And we have improved the first part of the game extremely! Looking at the alpha demo we feel it's really just a tiny taste of the full experience, and hopefully for the next year we can have the official demo done.


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Right now we are seeing how Valve is greenlighting a huge amount of games into Steam and we are close to stay in the top 30! It's going down fast though, since we arn't pushing hard enough on getting votes and views on our greenlight page though, but hopefully it will go nicely before the year ends..


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You can always help us out by voting! That would mean a lot to us!

[/font][/color]http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=170953686[color=rgb(51,51,51)][font='Trebuchet MS']


I have personally had some sort of "coding level-up" and it feels awesome! Might be that now I can work on the game a lot more than before, but it's really sweet. Whatever ideas Natalia throw at me I don't get the usual heartattack anymore, and the tiny details we put in the game is really something I personally would want in a game like this, so i'm starting to feel a lot more free in the development of coding. It sucks in a way though, since looking back at some old code I can't help but try to fix it, and that can become a deadly circle since we need to move forward! So a lot of "kill my darlings" is coming down. It if works, it works! Move forward! Hell, a lot of people couldn't even belive it was made with Gamemaker Studio, so no need to perfect things nobody else but me would care about.
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This is one creepy game. I feel like I should play it when released. Personally I don't agree with all of the mechanics, like I prefer a game where everything is real and nothing is in your head. But overall, I'd say I support your game.

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Yeah wow, it came kind of like a shock since we were just one hour before talking about how we were falling down the rankings :) It's nice though! So glad they are batching, else it would have been a lot harder.


Hopefully you'll try the final version Shane, it might suprise you! :)

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