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Some Updates on whats going on

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Hey Everyone,

Not many people read my journal as much as they did in the past when I was heavily into game dev but it really does not matter. For one I very seldom even post anymore. The reasoning behind this is I have greatly drifted from game development and focus more on embedded stuff.

Right now I have been very busy actually finishing up my degree WOOOOO!!!!!. The stress is building up as the work load ever increases but I know all this hard work I have been doing will pay off. For those who did not know I am getting a BS in Information Systems Security and so far while working 48 hrs/week at my dead end job, working on hobby electronics, enjoying my firearm shooting hobby, and school I have been able to stay on the dean's list. *pat pat* I am really getting excited as this is a huge step for me.

I really do not blog much like I have stated. I have tried to do my own external blog but I always seem to not have the time hopefully one day I can get one going regularly again as I really do like writing.

In the name of my firearm hobby I am adding a new weapon to my collection. Currently I have a Springfield 1911 Range Officer edition .45 cal. I will be adding within the next few days (Can't wait for it to arrive longest 7 days of my life) a WW2 Russian Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle. This rifle shoots a 7.62x54R cartridge. Very powerful round which can easily punch right through cinder block. The bullet itself is a .30 cal right with the 308 and 30-06. The R means it is a rimmed cartridge the 54 basically dictates the cartridge size if I remember correctly. One of these rounds packs more of a wallop then a AK-47 round which is a 7.62x39. The 7.62x54R was designed as a long range round optimized for velocity which increases the accuracy and distance. This round is very accurate from 300 - 500 meters and can easily hit a human body sized target out towards 1000 meters. The Mosin was not just a infantry rifle for the longest time it was also the Russian sniper rifle of choice until the Dragonov was developed. So excited can't wait. I will be sure to post some pics when I get it.

As for hobby electronics I will be posting some more info on this project here as well hopefully. I am currently building what I call an audio trigger system. Essentially the micro controller waits for an audio pulse and uses this pulse to trigger an action. In my case the first project using this small subproject will be a audio triggered stopwatch. Then after this the trigger subsystem will also move to an audio visualizer project.
This project really stretches my electronics knowledge as there were some interesting hiccups I have had to design around. The code is simple the circuits are the hard part for a guy like me. Because of this project I am learning and actually understanding what is going on. The design of this project needs some preparation for a post so it may be a little while and quite long. Hope to get that together soonish.

Feels good to write again cya guys around.

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One's education matters more than game development quite often, so don't worry about that. You seem to know a lot, and on a lot of things.

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Congratulations on the pending degree, it sounds like you've really worked hard for it! :)


If you have time, think any of it might be interesting, and are allowed to do so, you might consider sharing some of the embedded stuff even though it's not strictly game related -- Ben Ryves used to share a lot of his not-strictly-game-related hardware work and coding experiments in his journal, and they were pretty popular.


Obviously the same applies to the electronics project! :)


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Agreed with jbadams


Also, would love to see pics of the rifle. At the start of next year I plan to add a lever-action 30-30 to my collection. I'm more a fan of different weapon styles than the weapons themselves. I have a double-action hammer .22 pistol, a double-action hammerless 9mm pistol, semi-auto 5.56/.223 rifle and a bolt-action .22 rifle. After the lever-action I'll need a revolver of some sort :)


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