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Workbenches back in

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Work benches (or, at least, a first iteration of them) are back in now. I hadn't actually gotten that far with them after I switched from action to turn-based, so this is something new for the turn-based project, finally.

A Workbench is a component that sits on an object, listening for Use events. On Use, they activate a UI (very rudimentary, right now; just a spellbook with a pre-determined list of spells) and present the user with some action options. Workbenches will be used for things like combining/refining components into other components, researching and upgrading spells, etc...

In implementing the workbench, I made a justification for having both a Use and a Loot command. Originally, I had planned to change Loot to a specific case of Use, but with Workbenches I have always wanted them to be movable; want to set up shop in another location? Dismantle all your equipment and head out, set it up elsewhere. So by making workbench objects Lootable, then I get dismantling behavior; but in order to use them, I still need a Use. Thus, both Use and Loot commands. (Use in the above screenshot is represented by the golden gears.) The spellbook opened by the workbench is shown on the left, currently only a single Loot spell. (Loot, because I am testing dismantling while the UI was active, to make sure things are getting properly cleared out when the bench is looted.)

I've already determined a change I need to make to Workbench operation, so iteration #2 will probably be coming this evening if I get the chance.
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