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I have started to develop a new game called "Live To Survive" and it is a Survival Game. Your character is going to have to Eat, Sleep and Hunt as your character can get hungry and die from hunger, Get tired and walk slower not be able to run or climb as well. The game is going to be a Open Source game so that you The Public can make mods. I will use mods as a guide on what to update like new physics , items and materials. I will make a Youtube Lets Play when the game goes into Beta and then release a Open Beta. You will be able to Craft the tools you need, Mine the materials you need and Cook food in your oven. There will not be anything like Magic or any Undead in the early stages of the game but if it is requested it may be implemented. I can't wait until I can release this game fully to the public.

A Huge, Huge Thanks to everyone that has helped me code Java, Texture and Model!
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