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So I cloned my main hard drive over to a bigger one and then extended the partition. Everything seemed fine the first day. I even programmed more. I have been working a lot at my sad non-computer based job so not much programming. I have been working on a multi-branching menu GUIObject. It was working....then the new(er) hard drive had a meltdown and windows went nuts. So we had to put the old hard drive in. I lost only a little bit of programming...and am somehow now not programming the menu right. For some reason glReadPixels reads the menu object as a whole entity. Then inside the menu object, I redraw the menu only, with each button and item inside having its own color. Now it is only reading the background color. Quite frustrating. It was SO much simplier when I did everything has a bounding box and checked if the mouse position was in or out of the box. But I want the possibility of interesting shapes for the GUIObjects so I am determined.

Still frustrated...

Decided to do a screw it. I figured it down the me trying to redo the frame/screen in which the menu object is located. Basically clear the area and redo the viewport. For some reason, this was messing up thing, because when I removed the code it started working just fine. So for now I am moving on, and will come back to it if I need to.
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