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Does W8 always have to get in my way

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This is just a random rambling I do apologize. In all honesty it really does get under the skin all the time.

Over all I think the OS is great it is very slick and fast much more so then previous versions of the Windows operating system. The speed increases really help with increasing productivity. This is however, where all the good parts stop.

The first major issue I have come across is compatibility. This is just retarded. I have a class for school where we need to use visual studio 2008 to do ASP.Net 3.5 web development. Compatibility issues ensue because turns out SQL Server 2005 hates windows 8 and the only work around is to uninstall it and install SQL Server 2008 with SP3. Just one more thing I need to do so I can get this school work done. Wish they would just upgrade the course already I mean the tech is old now.

Next are the video card issues UEFI/Secure Boot is the bane of all existence. It use to be you plug in the card and boot up/install your driver. Turns out now I need to boot up, get into the UEFI system, turn off secure boot, enable legacy mode, restart, shutdown, put in card, reboot, look at the distorted loading screen, install driver, then reboot, and continue to look at the awful distorted loading screen every time I need to start the PC.
WHY?.... It is not like the video card is going to compromise my PC...

What a pain in my arse. All I know is I hope all this is video card crap is worth my effort so I can get my HD 6850 up and running and hopefully regain my interests in game development. I really do miss the fun I had in the past.
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