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Inventory display

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Did a quick and dirty resource inventory listing widget:


Also added a health readout to the character panel. I'm getting near to the end of my list of "mandatory" UI widgets to implement, before I settle back into the gameplay. These are things I kind of needed. The forms you see here will probably change (possibly many times) before I'm done, but at least for now they're functional enough that I can be moving on. One task I'd like to implement before I continue on with gameplay is color-coding of required resources in spell/skill descriptions. I'd like to code them so that resources you don't have enough of are colored red so you can see at a glance what resources you lack. I'd also like to get basic hover/tooltip functionality in, for hovering over objects in the world and over spell/skill icons to get additional information. These last few tasks are going to require some boilerplate to handle the formatting and color-coding of panes of description text. Work permitting, I'd like to write that code tomorrow.

Once I get to a certain point UI-wise, I'd like to do a small vertical slice. Not even a full vertical slice, just a sampling really. A sample mission/quest of sorts, to farm out to a few friends and acquaintances for some gameplay testing. Before I get too much deeper into this, I'd like to get some feedback on how well it plays and find out if what I'm doing is working. Now is the time to change/tweak things, before I've really piled on a huge load of content.
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Coming along very nicely! Keep up the good work! Bet it feels good to see progress!


How's WY right now? Snow there? We just got 3-5inches here in SD....



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No snow yet. Was nice today, hauled some dirt to re-set my water meter box and started boxing out a flower bed by the garage for my wife to plant next spring. Got the leaves raked up finally.


What do you mean by getting ANL updated? I haven't really worked on it in a couple months, but it's functional and operational right now.

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