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Indie Game Developers

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Indie Game Developers[color=rgb(51,51,51)][font=Georgia]

So what qualifies Broken Limits Media as an indie game developer? We're a small team, we don't have a lot of money, and we're passionate about developing indie games! That's what counts in this corner of the gaming market. We're not out to make millions. We're not able to turnout games with the best graphics and movie-like cutscenes. But, we're going to make a difference. Indie game developers are on the rise and we're along for the ride. With the creative freedom indie game developers have today, we're able to work on games on the side, express ourselves creatively, listen to our audience of gamers, and crank out a really fun to play game.


Another qualifying factor is a track record. We've developed one small indie game called Cubicle Chimera. It's a true indie game. It's simple. It's fun. It's free. Play around with it a bit and leave us some feedback. We know it's not an AAA game, but that's alright. When we started making indie games together we agreed to build a quick, small, free game to test the waters as a team and see how things go. Well that's exactly what Cubicle Chimera is all about. We believe all indie game developers should start out this way. Test the waters. See what works for your team.


NEWmenu-300x200.jpg Main Menu from Cubicle Chimera


Only Tony Stark can say something like "Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk" and get away with it. Chances are, you're not Iron Man. Chances are, as an indie game developer you're one person or maybe a team of two or three. If you're like us, you've got members who have lives, you need to make an income to support your needs and wants, and you're playing too many games! We can't afford to think we can take on the world right away. Those big MMO's I always hear about from new indie game devs, unrealistic and outrageous. Please, keep it simple and make games! That's what's going to qualify you as an indie game developer. Not "Oh I'm working on a game where..." Blah blah blah. Gamers like to play games, not hear about them.


Good fortune to you all. We hope to see a lot of indies rise over the next 5-10 years. Hopefully the gaming industry continues on its current path.

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Of course theres indie and then theres indie, the kind of indie who bags groceries part time to make rent and writes games 40 hours a week.  That's my kind of indie.

Are you that indie looking to write a MMO?  I say go for it, but be willing to put in the time; like this guy.

Doesn't take much thse days for people to jump on the Unity band wagon, pump out some chincy games and make a buck.  In short it's not impressive.

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I'm looking to create games reminiscent to what I grew up playing. I loved the LoZ games in particular. I want our game to have that same adventurous, excitement of discovery feeling to it. 


I'm not in the categories you've mentioned. I don't aim to make some massive AAA game with a handful of people. I don't plan to pour everything I have into making a low end game with amazing new features or some really fun and quirky plot / story. As for a Unity band wagon, if it works it works. There's no shame in developing and capitalizing on someone else's work, as long as credit is given where it's earned. I say, if you want to kill yourself trying to develop any game, no matter the size, and use Unity to do it, go for it! Knock yourself out! There's no gauge or eternal judgement telling anyone what they can or can't do in the industry. Explore it. Feel it out. Make your own discoveries. If that means trying to finish some crapy game with Unity in your spare time just to practice your artistic ambitions, that's fantastic. If it means you're trying to make a quick buck because you have an entrepreneurial sprit, that's just as good! 


I don't bag groceries to make rent. I don't own a big company and fork my money into my silly experimental game concepts to see if I can make a ton of money via micro-transactions. I'm in between the two, to be perfectly realistic.


My name is Allen Lambert. I founded and own Broken Limits Media LLC and Xsealer Asphalt Maintenance LLC. I work most of the time with my father and his company, A&M Paving. I go to school 3/4 time (not quite full). I have two kids and my wife wants another before we get "too old".. even though I'm only 24 and she's 26. I play my favorite games over and over and over... I'm a creature of habit. I help out at my church and anytime someone asks for a favor I can't help but say "sure why not." I maintain several websites via wordpress... 

So I'm the type who does a lot of other things. I guess I'm an entrepreneur looking for that way in. Oh yea. I sort of found my way in =p forgot. I work for Exis Interactive LLC as well. I'm the Account Manager there. Just started recently, but I'm meeting all the right people. It's a perfect start to break into the industry from the back door! 


This got longer than intended, but I want everyone to know exactly who I am so they don't doubt my work. There's nothing I wont take on... Really I think it's becoming a problem... I'm probably going to take a paid position with my church soon, too. But I can't focus unless I'm completely immersed. ADD perk... 


The Undead Castle will be impressive. Count on it. 


Check us out on IndieDB.com as well. http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-undead-castle

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