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Tiny Bombards

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Implemented the first (test) summonable: a siege weapon called a Tiny Bombard, which is a bombard cannon. It copies stats right now from other mobs (easy enough to change) but ultimately, siege machinery will be used to deal Siege-type damage against structures. Siege damage will typically be fairly weak against most mobs, but strong against buildings, barricades and other structures. The Tiny Bombard is implemented as a building spell, spending 1 wood and 1 tinder (again, copied over from another skill but easy enough to change) to erect the bombard. It acts as a minion unit, controllable by the player in its turn, but with a more limited UI. Minions can't typically loot, use, or cast arbitrary spells aside from what spells are specified for their quickbar. They don't carry inventory (though they do, or at least can, drop loot) and they don't do any kind of crafting. They just move and cast whatever skills they are granted. This Tiny Bombard is given a free (ie, no resource usage) version of the Test Fireball spell for now.

I'm getting enough test thingies scattered around that I need to start doing a little bit of organization. While every object that gets spawned is done so from a "proper" object description, some of the descriptions are filed away in inappropriate places. As the prototype scenario advances, I'll start eliminating "test" things and filing away proper versions of data into proper places.
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Liking the progression here. I think the darker caves look a lot better than the open worlds with the small tiles that you had a few months ago. This seems much more engaging.

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I agree about the feel. The more I played with the earlier tilesets, the more I disliked it. The scale of those tiles, with the mountains and such, felt better before I switched to full 3D. In the 2D version, it worked pretty well, but I'm liking this feel now.

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