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Introducing "Shipyard," my first somewhat-successful game project (Image heavy!)

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First of all, I want to say that this is not a professional endeavor. I am very much an aspiring programmer, and this is very much an "in my free time" sort of project. Though I am quite proud of it and hope people like it, I just want to say that I don't claim to compete with some of the far superior things on this site. In short: keep your expectations low.

Now that that's over with, allow me to introduce my project. Shipyard is the temporary title of a science-fiction themed, turn-based strategy game which I have been working on for about six months now. The gimmick (and the origin of the name) is that the player builds their ship from individual systems such as crew's quarters, weapon controls, engines, etc. on a 2D grid. Combat is not yet implemented, but it will be based around strategically disabling your enemy's systems until the vessel as a whole is crippled.

Here are some screenshots of the shipyard screen, showing the interior, exterior, and weapons editors:

I am currently working on random world generation and the ability to save game files (ship designs can already be saved separately) for the next version, and I am quite happy with the results:

Warp Gate interface, allowing transport between sectors:

Sector map showing locations of player, planets, and stations:

World saving isn't ready to show yet, as I have the main code done but still have to design the UI.

If you want to play around with what little I have, there's a download at http://nerdboy64.com/shipyard/. The game runs in Java so you may get an antivirus warning about the jar file. I can't really tell you to discount such messages, as that would only beg the question, so go ahead and trust your better judgement.
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Looks interesting, and sounds a little similar (but sufficiently different to be interesting) to FTL.  Looking forward to seeing how it progresses! :)

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After played ASCII-Sector I also would like to do a game like this, and failed. 

Good luck!

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