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Some more buttons.

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Today was mostly a button push and some design work on paper to hash out some ideas for the vertical slice level.

Did some buttons for the various workbenches and the cookfire. Although you will eventually be able to build different levels of workbenches, corresponding to your rank as a wizard and your available materials at hand, I reckon I don't need to build unique icons for each; the base icons should be good enough, and will help the player to know at a glance what a skill will construct without having to memorize new icons. I might do unique icons for the highest level benches, though. I'll have to see when that time comes.

I've started roughing out a Forge workbench model, which will be the crafting center for metalwork. I'm also working on some materials for ore nodes, and doing some sketchwork for those. I'm sort of hemming and hawing about doing both a Forge and an Anvil workbench; the Forge would function similarly to the Spellbook, ie as a place to learn new skills, while the Anvil would be the actual workbench where materials are crafted and resources are used to create new things. Not sure if that's the route I want to go, though, as that might be getting a bit too hefty on the workbenches. As it is, it'll take the player a few turns to get his base set up, and given the pace of the turn-based combat I'm not sure he'll want to spend all that time when there is exploration, killing and looting to do.
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