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Adding Attachment Models to Entities (with Video)

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[font=arial]Adding Attachment Models to Entities[/font]

[font=arial]I've successfully added model attachments back into my 3D engine. I'm providing a video entry that gives some details about how I implemented it. Because all 3D engines are different, I only give show shader code, but I think the explanations are nice and clear. This is probably one of my most informative videos. If it gets a nice reception, maybe I'll make more. I really put a lot of effort in to this video. It's taken me a few days to complete. I actually wrote a script for it and planned how I'd put it together. Enjoy.

If you'd like information on creating a skeletal animation system, here are some links. In the Direct X SDK, there is a sample on this topic as well.[/font]

Here's a basic bone system that uses Open GL, but the concepts be used with Direct X[/font]

A wiki that explains what skeletal animation is.[/font]

An old discussion on Gamedev.net about implementing a bone animation system.[/font]

A basic Skeletal Animation Tutorial[/font]

[font=arial]Feel free to check out my Google plus page for updates and check out my YouTube channel.[/font]

[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial]Google+: [/font][/color]Squared'D Game Google+ Page
[color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=arial]YouTube: [/font][/color]Squared'D Youtube Channel
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