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Zothaar Backstory: Old Lands

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[font=arial]The Old Lands[/font]

[color=rgb(0,128,0)][size=2][font=arial]By Lord Teric[/font][/color]


[font=arial]The Old Lands is my backdrop in my storyline for the Empire of Zothaar RPG. The backstory is necessary for improving, expanding, and elaborating on plot elements.[/font]



[font=georgia]Pre-Zothaar: Old Lands History Backstory Example-1[/font]



[font=georgia]There is a pre-history to the Empire of Zothaar that involves the Old Lands to the west (of the Empire of Zothaar). Prior to formation of the colony states and the mass exoduses to the Land of Zothar, the Old Lands contained many kingdoms and princedoms. There was great economic wealth enjoyed by the Old Lands' states but trouble became present too.[/font]



[font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]The real trouble had taken the form of radical political agents subjugating a state's wealth apparatus and, subsequently, redeploying it. Once a major portion of the state's wealth was controlled and distributed else where, state officials had little recourse but to either borrow or wait for controlled resources from radical entities. Most likely, none of the optional wealth channels would be sufficient to fulfull the state's demands--thus a puppet state.[/color][/font]


[font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]Five kings fell victim to this master money and resource scheme before adequate protections and actions were initiated. These proved inadequate, however, because the radical political agents formed league with others who had similar interests, and what was formed was a new Supra-Corporation with league headquarters in several major cities.[/color][/font]


[font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]A particular chaotic period ensued. As species became diminished, states found it increasingly difficult to train or hire troops on a regular basis. Troops protect the sovereignity of the state and the safety of its mechant trains or caravans that travel hundreds of miles to secure resources. As troops decreased, crime increased. Merchant trains were frequently raided. It became difficult to feed poorer populations if they hadn't found sustenance through natural means. [/color][/font]


[font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]The constraining manner of the supply and demand situation caused the first King to suffer a nervous breakdown. He was sent to his mountain chateau along with his retainers on permanent medical leave from his duties. Councilors were authorized to manage the reorganization of the kingdom in his absence, and these were amply paid by the Supra-Corporation.[/color][/font]


[font=georgia][color=rgb(0,128,0)]Please view new addition later . . .[/color][/font]

[font=georgia][font=arial][color=rgb(0,128,0)]Legal Citation: The Old Lands backstory is owned by Theron O. Kuntz. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved. The Old Lands backstory elements is used to supplement and build the Empire of Zothaar RPG.[/color][/font][/font]

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Recommended Comments

Question is this a game or a back story for a novel?

Not so complex now. This part of the backstory covers pre-existing elements and events. There is unity achieve with elements from the backstory to existing elements of a current connation (on the same planet). Connation = constructed nation, similar to constructed world or conworld. Currently, this backstory is being used for a story background, in particular a standard themed RPG or themed MMO. It could be used to supplement the plot elements of a novel or novelette--sure. I'm still designing the map, which see, but this is only a reference for the digital master. Planning is necessary, as it is for flashback scenes in a novel. The backstory isn't a novel--and shouldn't be. It does provide some important details, however, and enough to substantiate, say the attitude of a nation during present time or to establish player attitude in a game-based relationship on the information and value of sides or opposition. Nonetheless, it is an important element feature for a game because, essentially, it is a shortcut.


I hope this helps. Thank you for your reply. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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