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My first project "City Scene"

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Hi there! My name is Vladimir, i'm really enjoying modeling 3D maps, levels. I'm just starting to learn 3d modeling but i hope to one day become good level designer.

My first project is small city scene for Unreal Development Kit, i plan to make 4-5 buildings (two buildings already done), roads and lampposts. In general, i like how scene looks right now, except dynamic shadows, i have tried many different settings, but still cant get result that i want.

Here's how scene looks right now:









I would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions, also you can visit my website at: http://digitalworldsdesign.com/
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Recommended Comments

Welcome Vladimir, looks like you're off to a good start!


One possible point for improvement: the buildings and paving look too "clean", not like a real scene.  The real world has rough edges, damage, and it's dirty.



As you've just been getting started, I'm sure this is something you haven't got to yet. :)

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Hello! Thank you for welcoming me.

Very good point, in real world, buildings not that "clean", i have not thought about it. i'll see what i can do and thank you for your feedback, it's very important for me.

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