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You blink and poof 2 friggin years go by.....

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Amazing how much time flies.

So let's see, I've been busy with school full time - two semesters away from senior status. The current day job (full time) is constantly brutal as always. Hmmmm what else .... let's see....my 3rd daughter Savannah was born to me back in July of this year. I guess I can say that I've been pretty friggin busy smile.png

However, I've been a member of the Gamedev Community since 2000 so it did not bother to keep my GDNet+ membership going even though I had not be utlizing the account. Anything to do my part I guess....

Alright, so what brings me back? The "itch" of course, I'm always wanting to develop something, write code for something outside of work. Not to mention that I've been knee deep in eletrical engineering classes and I miss writing graphics code ph34r.png

So there I was staring at my old posts about Project 60 .... what was that project about again? The last update to my files (amazed me that I could still find them) was July of 2011 blink.png

Anyway, its been like forever since I've done anything DirectX related let alone game development related. So let's see how far I get ... I gotta at least see Project 60 through to its completion....I think...
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Welcome back, a_insomniac! I've been wondering where you hared off to. Congrats on the third kid. I feel your pain/joy/busy-ness; my second was born in July as well, and between that and buying a new house in June it's been nuts for me as well. :D I'll be keeping an eye here on your journal to see how things are going with your project. Good luck!

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Hey JTippetts,

You are definitely a sight for sore eyes smile.png  I appreciate the love for sure. When I saw your name I instantly thought about that explosion program you wrote in lua that I used years ago. 

Congrats on the second kid as well! 

Glad to be back amongst people I consider "normal" LOL


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Having just returned myself I can understand the pulls of real life that draw you away from development.

Welcome back!

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