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Postmortem Week 2 (Tower Demo)

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Hello again,
This week I created a tower destruction game. The premise of the game is very simple, you have three people/ogres. Each one can carry one explosive to the spot clicked by the user (only along the x coordinate plane). The squad would rush over and place the explosive and return behind the cover before detonating the explosive. If all three explosives are used and the user didn't destroy the tower the player loses the game. I wanted to have the towers shoot the player with arrows as the player approached the tower. It would be based of a certain time limit requiring the user to complete the task as quickly as possible, as soon as the player clicked on a squad that is. A short fairly simple game that would be fun playing after it was finished.
This weeks game was built in HTML5. I didn't use any preexisting javascript libraries either. Though I did much better in my challenge this week, I did not finish the game and failed the challenge. Time Management was my biggest issue. I procrastinated on working on it on Monday when I had some time to work on it. Then later that week I had other projects, that came up, that had to take time away from working on this game as much. So my biggest flaw was not working on it when I had the chance and "slacking" in the beginning of the week hindering the progress of the game. To go along with the Time management, I didn't manage the time in my life to allow me more time to work on it only having about 5-6 hours the whole week working on the game, including planning which was not enough to finish it.

Some things I did improve upon this week is:

  • Manage the size of the project. I tried to control the size of the project so that it could be more manageable throughout the week.
  • Work more on gameplay and less on backend structure. Though the code was not as pretty it is much more functional and parts of it is functionable.
  • Less time on art..., I made simple placeholder art with no animations. I plugged them in and went with it. Short and simple.

    Though I didn't complete the game this week I got better at managing some of my resources. The progress, I believe, is good to see and I need to keep improving. To do so, next week I plan to better manage my time for next weeks challenge. I am going to allot so much time for each project with time designation from start to finish. I plan to manage my time better so that I can handle unexpected projects as the they arise and adjust my schedule accordingly. That way I can hopefully give the game of the week more time and a better representation of what I can do.

    Attached is a copy of the game as of 11_23_13, nothing much and fairly simple.
    PS. the game is nearly finished and I have to time to finish it up. Though I still didn't complete my challenge in time and it will not count, in my book.
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Time management is a real killer, and its reach is not limited to game development.

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