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Yes, that definitely happened!

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Note: This is kind of a follow up on my last journal entry, read that one first if you want to be able to make sense of this one smile.png

So I have been living and working in Vancouver for about three weeks right now as a software engineer at a local game studio, and it's been absolutely amazing. I was able to do a bunch of fixes for and witness the launch of one project on Steam during this time, and I've been able to dive head first into another project as well.

This job is pretty much everything I had hoped it would be; I get to do what was basically my hobby for years as my job, and I get to do this in an awesome location with an awesome group of people with years of experience (seriously, some of my coworkers have been working in this industry since I was still a little kid!)

One of the best things about this job is maybe that while I'm technically an intern, I'm not being treated like an intern. I have a solid position within my team with my own share of real responsibilities and real tasks just like anyone else, and being able to live up to those responsibilities only confirms even more that I made the right decision in taking this opportunity and that this is what I want to do with my life.

Of course I can't go into specifics of what I'm working on, so let's just say that it's pretty damn cool and exciting smile.png

Besides work I've been able to meet a bunch of really cool people here in Vancouver and surroundings, especially everyone in AIESEC SFU, which is the organisation which set me up with my internship in the first place (On that note I should definitely give a shout out to the person who made all of this possible, you know who you are! You're awesome!).

The city and surroundings themselves are quite different from where I used to live in Belgium, but I'm absolutely loving it.

I think that's about all I wanted to say for now. I'll probably do some more journal entries in the future if anyone is interested.

Until next time!
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Congratulations again, great to hear it's working out well!


We'd love to read some further updates if you've got anything to share. :)

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