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Announcing Portas Aurora: Battleline

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Portas Aurora: Battleline - A Collectable Card Game centered on space combat.

Battles in PA: Battleline will currently be between 2 Players, each fielding their selected Commander along with 30 card decks containing no more than 2 of any card. The main objective is to destroy the opponent's Flagship. At present there are 7 races each with 1 commander providing their own unique style of play and Commander Abilities.

The design of Portas Aurora: Battleline's gameplay is to allow flexible and creative strategies in destroying their enemy's flagship.
I am hoping to achieve this by delivering a wide array of cards that make full use of the rules and a break that break them.
It is planned to launch with 390 cards total, granting each race approximately 38 cards tailored to their battle style with and additional 124 race neutral cards to help flush out and amplify combos players find.

Progress to Date:
It is often said the last 10% of a game's development encompasses 90% of its lifespan reaching the 90% complete status can be a long journey by itself. Therefore, I am using a fair amount of numbers to track progress, because the proof is in the numbers, or at least they let me sleep more soundly.
Battleline_CardCount_11:25.png* Unsorted Cards are cards that have not been assigned to a race.
Over the last week I have been averaging about 6% per day with some nice spikes of 9%. However, this is only measuring the completeness of the content and not the functionality of the game as a whole. I am planning to launch the game on Android I have a Dev suite that is web-based and may lead to a web-based release as well.

While I made a brief overview of it in my returning post, I want to give Portas Aurora: Battleline its own announcement post.
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