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Strife: Reputation System

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Legends of Strife

  • Completed the reputation system.


    The main feature of strife will be the world pvp. If a zone in strife is contested between 2 factions players will be able to choose sides and kill oposing players and npc's in that zone as a means to gain reputation with their faction. Gaining reputation with the various factions of the world is the main way (or first step) to unlock the best gear in the game.

    Eventualy there will be 2 main factions in the world. and most of the world will be the battleground (global conflict). There will be lots of smaller conflicts between smaller factions that only exist in their zones (local conflict). There are also zones with only 1 faction in it and there will be zones with none. You can freely kill anyone or anything but killing youre ally in a contested zone will give you a massive reputation penalty with youre faction in that zone (Except if it was in self defense). Kill a couple of allies and youre reputation will soon drop below 0 and youl find yourself at odds with both factions in that zone. A zone with only one faction (Neutral Zone) generaly disgourages pvp since there are no enemies and killing another player will have the same effect as killing a ally in a contested zone. A Zone with no factions in it is a free for all since theres no factions no reputation gains/losses will occur for killing other players. Even if you and another player is allies with regards to the global conflict you become enemies the moment you step foot into a zone contested by other factions if your on opposing sides in that local conflict.

    Most towns (especially those that belong to either of the two main factions) will be destroy able. Once a town is destroyed all quests, vendors and whatever else in that town will be lost to the other faction untill the town gets automaticaly rebuild a couple of hours later. So if you were questing in the area... Tough luck! go find someplace else to quest and defend you're town better next time! NO Im NOT going to make it instanced!!! anyway. heres how it should work in a little more detail. A group of players decide to attack an opposing town. When enough enemy players entered the town or imediate surroundings the server will register it as an "town siege event". (In other words a lone player or small group just trying to mess with with the players in the town from the outskirts will not count as an "town siege event") From this point onwards any player (attacking or defending) that dies within the towns limit will not be able to re enter the town for the duration of the town siege. (or at least they can try but theyl get a 'Lingering Death' debuf that will kill them in seconds if they get too close). This way a town siege cant continue indefenetly. Of course more fresh attackers or defenders can enter the town while the siege is on but eventualy all the attackers or defends would have died (or fled) and the siege will be over. If all attackers within town limits are dead the town was successfully defended. All the players that helped defend the town (even the ones that died) gets a once of reputation and maybe gold reward. Attacking players get nothing. Should all defending players and defedning npc's die during the townsiege the town gets destroyed (basically all building just gets replaced with rubble after maybe spontaneously combusting). All the players that helped attack the town (even the ones that died) gets a once of reputation and maybe gold reward. The defending players get nothing and their town is unavailable to them for a while.

    Eventually bigger towns/cities might get defensive structures that makes defending them easier but could be destroyed during the town siege

    When you create a new character you are not affiliated with any faction but you'd probably want to join one of the 2 main factions sooner rather than later.

    All the above mentioned reputation mechanics are implemented but these 2 main factions with their destructable towns dont exist ingame yet. I have created a much smaller scale conflict in the starting area of Elclease. Elclease itself is a neutral zone for the faction 'Summerwind Village' (starting town) but within elclease there is a small conflict sub zone between 2 rival farmers. You have to choose sides between them and follow the quest chain from the one you choose. The quests generaly involve sabotaging the other farmers land and while doing so youl run into the players that sided with the other farmer (and killing them will help you unlock certian reputation rewards). the farms have other npc's on it like farm hands and guard dogs that will attack oposing players and defend players that sided with their farm. This small conflict zone and quest chain set will serve as an introduction to pvp in Legends of Strife.

    Heres a small demonstration video. Me and another player starts in the general area of Elclease (Im a Mage, Other player is a Necromancer with 2 minions). Here we have a neutral standing towards each other (you can see that from the portrait colour). If we kill each other at this point the killer will suffer a significant rep penalty with Summerwind Village. We then run to one of the conflicted subzones and youl notice that the necromancers portrait turns red indicating that were enemies in this zone. The necromancer starts attacking me. Youl notice that the nearby gaurd dog assists me because were fighting on the farm that belongs to the farmer that I allied with. I for the most part run around looking for more frendly npc's to asist me since necromancers are currently pretty unbeatable ^^.


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