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Medieval Times, office, crowdfunding

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Yes, it's time to update the journal! For some time I have been thinking of moving into an office instead of working from home. I've had a good working morale when I've been working from home... but I think it can get even better. It would also feel more like a real job if I actually left home. So the last few weeks I've been in contact with a renter/landlord who rent out individual rooms, sort of like a hotel for businesses. I've rent a small office (around 9 m2).


Most of the other rooms on my floor are empty. There are two sales guys, a transportation/travel business and some sort of entrepreneur (don't know what he does exactly). Everyone seem friendly and helpful so far.

Game progress
My progress on Medieval Times crawls on. Been replacing the textured mapped text in the game with a higher resolution texture. Now texts look more crisp on higher resolutions. Have also been trying to get the demo together, connecting different maps with quests and stuff like that. The demo will be around half an hour to one hour of gameplay, I guess it will depend on the playing style.


[background=transparent]I have been pondering to start a crowdfunding campaign for Medieval Times. I live in Sweden so a Kickstarter campaign is not an option since they only allow UK/US projects. My other idea is to look into indiegogo but I have not made much research into it yet. I am a one guy team so I guess I will have a ton of work ahead of me in order for it to be successful.[/background]



[background=transparent]That's all for now, I need to get back to it.[/background]

[/font][/color] T[color=#000000][font=Arial]

[background=transparent]hanks for reading![/background]

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Hiya O-san!

Glad to see you've made a move out of your house and into a small office.  I did the same at the start of 2013 and its really been great in terms of productivity.



My 2 cents on crowdfunding is generally you /need/ a critical mass of interested folks to make it work (unless we're talking very small money here <= $1000).

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Having an "installed" fan base is a big part of a successful crowdfunding. If you had group of people that were actively talking about your game or were ready to promote it than your odds go up.

On th plus side you have some great screenshots.

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O-san, I have to agree with guys and warn at the same time, that having a crowdfunding is really time and resource intensive; basically for me it was like a half time job, to prepare all the materials and to do all the promotion almost all by myself (I'm also an indie dev).


And again I have to agree with EDI and Navyman that already having a fanbase is incredibely better than not... but, in some occasions by doing a crowdfunding you might actually gain some new fans, because of all the exposure that you get.


I think this to some degree applies to me... my facebook fanpage fan amount increased from about 130 to 210 (ofcourse it's not and wasn't big, it's also not a great metric for success), I got quite a few of news in internet and even some reviews as a result. I think now, with all of that and the experience I have, doing a crowdfudining would be much easier ;) and so I'm thinking about it, even though the actual is not over yet (5 days left, but with 35% chances are slim). I'll try to write an article about all I've learned in the process.

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Thanks for the comments! I realize I have to do more marketing. In a first step I uploaded Medieval Times to IndieDB




I got some good response so that feels encouraging. :) The game hit top 100 quickly, its on #67 right now. But I guess the list is pretty volatile/changes quickly.

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