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Hello World!

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Hello World!

I recently just found these game journal and realized it would probably be a really awesome way to make some e-friends, keep a log, and get some feedback.

Here's the lowdown on what I'm doing

System - OUYA!
Engine - Unity
Dimensions - 3D all the way
Perspective - First Person RPG

"The world is shrouded in darkness and you are the only source of light! You must explore through the dark in order to charge some light crystals and bring the light back."

I'm going to spend a lot of time on the modeling so the world is fairly explorable. Also, I want to get my first Kickstarter ever going for this. The OUYA free the games fund (the controversial one) will double some amount over 10k. Getting 10k would be a huge blessing but doubling it would allow me to make something special.

If that happened, I think it would be awesome to release the Unity project under an open source license. Mods? MODS! Or if people needed some free assets or example code. The OUYA was build to be modded in all sorts of aspects but that hasn't exactly taken off yet. It needs some probing.

And if anyone actually reads this, thank you. The internet is a huge, huge place and my words aren't so important in the great scheme of the web oracle.
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Please share more about this game your developing. smile.png

I will as soon as I figure out exactly where I'm going! I'm still deciding between art styles and since it's only me, I manage to backtrack myself a lot. Game dev is oddly rewarding and self-destructive at the same time...

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Game dev is oddly rewarding and self-destructive at the same time...



So very true. However, from the sound of the lighting issue I take it that the RPG is set in a fantasy world vs. a SciFi one.


Have you ever read Nightfall (Asimov short story and novel)? In summery it is a story about a world that is does not understand the meaning of night, because the planet is always lit then one day the darkness falls and sends the population into mass chaos.

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Welcome to the journals -- looking forward to hearing a bit more about your project! :)

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@Navyman That's fascinating. I'll have to look into that. The setting will be fantasy. Probably some form of a post-apocalyptic world. I'm feeling a large Ancient Greek influence. Crumbling pillars and hints to a world of lost art.

@jbadams Thanks! Any comments like these light some fire under me to keep working.

@Dylan_DE Set adventure. The random generation would be possible for some sort of an endless maze mode. However, I am a screenwriter and so I treasure the story of a set adventure. 

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